How To Communicate Better In A Relationship?

“It is the encounters with people that make life worth living.” Guy de Maupassant

Communication is undoubtedly the key to foundation of any healthy and successful relationship, it serves as the bridge between individuals by clearing the air of misunderstandings and solidifies the sense of mutual acceptance when necessary. We all have a strong need for connectivity and belonging, that is why positive social interactions in our day to day life plays  a vital role in our total wellbeing.

There are plenty of reasons for communication gap but the major culprit is ignorance. Building a connection requires a lots of effort, but once you stop investing your time, energy and effort any relationship dies a slow death right in front of you. People now a days being so busy tend to get involved in their work and forget things and people around them. This is where problems starts, due to lack of  mutual discussion all your conflicts piles up with one another and priorities change.

Though communication really is an important aspect, don’t be stressed if you are not communicating properly. The thing about building a healthy communication is remembering teeny tiny things, that is going to make a huge difference. Not so tough after all, right? 

Here are little ways you can make your communication skills a lot better

  1. Don’t assume, ask! 

   It’s easier to make assumptions in your head and come to a conclusion even before reaching to the other person. This is so wrong, it leads to lots of mis agonies. Always make a priority of talking proactively about relationship boundaries and expectations, before they become a problem. You won’t have to assume anything if everything has already been discussed.

2. Listen, listen, listen!

When the emotions are high everyone has the urge to express their views and no one is ready to listen what the significant other is trying to say. This constant interruptions leads to further disruptions making things worse. Instead a good listener can influence, persuade and negotiate , thus keeping the misunderstandings at bay.

3. Empathize, don’t Sympathize.

    Appreciate little things. Prioritise empathy and making sure that your partner feels heard and understood. Be compassionate with your significant other and don’t take them for granted.

4. Ditch the silent treatment!

Whenever you have an argument you might feel the urge to evade the situations by simply not reacting to it or rather ignoring it, but that has a negative impact on your relationship. Conflict avoidance is not a good sign. Never go to bed angry with your partner, talk it out adult-to-adult.

5. Talk out your needs.

    When you’re in a relationship with someone, they can’t read your mind. This means that not asking for what you need can become a major roadblock to a healthy connection. Let your partner know what are your needs, wants, and desires or expectations in times of crisis and ask them for their needs as well.

6. Stop trying to win arguments.

     Always trying to prove a point for the sake of self-gratification is childish, instead try to look for solutions. Even if you are technically correct there is no need to shove it up on your partner’s face. Humility is sure, the sign of strength.

7. Complement each other.

      When we get too comfortable with each other, it’s easy to only bring things up if they’re bothering. You forget to appreciate little things or express gratitude; thus taking things for granted, this can further lead to resentment. Make it a point to express how thankful you are to your partner and also a little complement now and then goes a long way in wanting them to do their best to your relationship.

At the end of the day , damn good communication takes work. It means both parties are constantly bettering themselves, each other and their relationship. You can improve your communication in marriage by being open and honest about your physical and emotional needs, remaining an open book regarding every aspect and giving your partner your full attention. 

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