What Jeans Are You Into These Days?

Women Denim Style Guide : Top style of jeans every Women should know about!

You may love it or hate it, but the chances are, you still own it. Jeans is one of those outfits which tops the list of must-haves on your wardrobe due to its versatility. Don’t believe anyone that says having a pair of jeans is enough, they are lying! 

Jeans have been around for a really long time; since 1873, thanks to Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. Since then its evolved by undergoing a lot of iterations for good. From cropped to long, high rise to low rise, skinny fit to wide leg its really overwhelming to choose from the plethora of options. Whatever your style is, its more likely that all of us have a favourite pair of jeans we run into more often. Choosing the same jeans over and over would bore you and make you run into a styling rut. So here I have compiled a list of my favourite denim fits that uplifts your wardrobe styling.

1. Skinny Jeans


Though the Millennial and Gen-Z have declared that the skinny jeans are no longer cool. I totally disagree, its still my favourite go-to, thanks to their figure hugging silhouette that make you look slimmer and flaunt your toned legs. The skinny fit is tight, super stretchy but not too snug, eventually moulding to your shape and remaining comfy for all-day wear.

Style with : Best with any of your comfy tees, pair it with high-heeled boots, a pair of sports luxe trainers or stiletto heels, and a long shrug.

2. Boyfriend Jeans


This jeans looks like its borrowed from your boyfriend because of its baggy fit, hence the name boyfriend jeans. If you’re looking to add a bit of volume and shape to your frame then the boyfriend cut is just for you. It is ideal for those with thicker thighs and the ones that don’t like skinny fits. Boyfriend jeans is just as comfy as your lounge pants and yet so trendy, perfect for running errands or when you have to go shopping. 

Style with : Worn with heels, sneakers, graphic tees, sporty tops, over sized sweaters and denim. It really is one of those bottom piece that goes with literally everything.

3. Overall Jeans


Overalls or Dungarees are one of those jeans style that we’ve been loving since our childhood and never goes out of style. Most of them have a wrong notion that overalls are just for teenagers but that’s absolutely false, one can spice up their look by sporting an overall at any age. These are perfect for a date and casual style look as well.

Style with : Flaunt overalls with a crop tee shirt or a baggy sweatshirt and white sneakers. Perfect choice with a backpack when exploring a new city.

4. Ripped Jeans


Also known as distressed or torn jeans, a form of jeans considered as a statement of fashion by today’s youngsters, models and actors. Though it raised the brows initially, it soon made into everyone’s wardrobe not just because it was famous but also it made messy look cool and fashionable.You can pick the one according to the placement of the rip and the style. 

Style with : Pair it with a sweater and a pair of flats or a sweatshirt over seriously ripped jeans , finish the look with sneakers.

5. Cropped Jean


Whenever we spot someone wearing a cropped jeans most of us wonder if we can pull it off, well you sure can and it’s easy! It has a very loose fitting, which helps to provide you comfort and ease. It has a wide opening from your thighs till toes. It’s hard to go wrong with cropped jeans these days ,they’re perfect for any occasion. 

Style with : Wear them with your favourite sneakers and an oversized sweater or tank top. A blazer or a jacket on top and a high heel would complete the look.

6. Joggers


 The jogger jeans style, a combination of comfort and style perfectly blends with each other. Joggers are casual pants made to wear during workouts and has a elastic waistband and also elastic hem. Later they started making them in denims giving it a more casual and chic touch.

Style with : They go well with basic tees and leather jacket, pair it up with high heeled boots or white sneakers.

7. Boot Cut


They are classics in the whole denim scene, they were initially considered mommy jeans slowly became a hot favourite among women of all age groups. However, keeping the millenials in mind the new boot cut jeans are more tapered than the original boot cut styles.The bootcut jeans look good with practically anything, they are no longer just the mommy jeans, anyone can literally rock them.

Style with : Best Paired with crisp shirt, laced top or Jacket, along with boots or heels. Finish with a crossbody bag!

8. Flared Jeans


Flared jeans is another vintage fashion trend that has made a comeback again with a bang. It’s style is quite similar to the bootcut style. The difference being that the flared jeans have a wide opening from the knee to the ankle and the flare is clearly visible.

Style with : Perfect with with an oversized hat and a tie-up shirt or a crop top, with a sleek handbag along with flats and a cool shades you own

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