The Best Calorie Tracker Apps To Meet Your Goals

Stay in shape with these calorie-counting apps , let your phone do the math!

 In the current era of digitalisation smart phones have gone from being a mere tool for communication to something that can help you with literally everything you need. Especially when it comes down to choosing a healthy lifestyle. Today, we are obsessed with tracking all our daily activities be it sleep, workout, heart rate and even what we eat. 

The phrase, “there’s an app for that”, has aged pretty well we must say. Regardless of whether you are trying to gain or lose weight, calorie tracking plays a very crucial role in your journey. However, managing your food intake can be quite tricky. Thanks to the advanced technology, calorie counting is relatively effortless due to the number of apps and websites that simplify the process by providing desired log, hassle free.

Here is a list of calorie counting apps that stand out from the rest.

1. My Fitness Pal  

Undoubtedly the most famous calorie tracker that needs no introduction. Weight management is nothing but a simple math problem and this app helps with the equation. It has over 11 million foods in its database with over 200 million users. The app also has a barcode scanner which makes the food tracking process much easier. It accommodates your health goal based on your current weight, height and then recommends your daily calorie and macro nutrients. 

Download on IOS, Android

Price : Free, Premium at 9.99 $/month or 49.99 $/year

2. Lose It

As official description says, lose it uses the proven principles of calorie tracking to educate and help you succeed. Once you input your details with your goal weight, the app calculates the daily calorie budget that suits you. You can easily log your meals by typing the food you eat, scanning barcode of the food or simply taking the picture. It provides every little progress of your calorie consumption, as well as a graphical representation of weight you have lost over time.

on iOS, Android

Price : Free, premium at 3.9 $/month or 39.99$/year

3. Noom

 Noom, the self-proclaimed “Weight watchers for Millennials”, uses a psychology-based approach to lose weight and also further cultivate healthy habits that motivates you to reach your goals. Noom involves stress management, goal setting and healthy habit information along with the nutritional facts. You can also interact with a virtual coach to help you stay on track. Noon also has a biometric tracker to help you monitor Blood sugar and Blood pressure.

Download on iOS , Android

Price : Free, with premium ranging from 59 $/month or 199$/year

4. Lifesum

Lifesum is a user friendly app with easy and minimal layout that makes the user experience effortless. Once you enter your basic information, you can choose the time frame within which you want to achieve your goal. The app has several diet options based on your food preference and liking. It synchronises with other apps that will help you track your exercise. It allows users to keep a tab on their water, fruit and vegetable intake to encourage them build healthy habits.

Download on iOS , Android

Price : Free, with premium ranging from 8.33 $/month or 25$ for first year

5. Cronometer

Cronometer (Cron stands for calorie restrict with optimal nutrition) is an app for individual and a pro version of it is used by healthcare professionals to manage their clients. The app includes nutritional scores such as immune system, bone health, blood health, and antioxidant reports to optimize your nutrition and also has a free nutrition profiles specifically for women that can be adjusted for age, pregnancy and breastfeeding. It Supports any diet whether it’s Keto, Vegan, Paleo or one prescribed by your dietician. By tracking your calories, your macronutrients and remaining consistent over a longer period of time, Cronometer acts as your fitness companion by giving you structure, control and tutorials.

Download on iOS , Android

Price : Free, with premium ranging from 3.33 $/month

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