Body Image And You ~ How To Be Body Positive

Don’t let your mind bully your body.

With summer around the corner and scrolling through the infinite posts of people flaunting their toned bodies on exotic trips and getting perfectly tanned might add a little pressure on you to look good. If you ever felt that you ain’t happy with how your body looks, trust me you are not alone!

As per research, 80% of the people on social media are not happy with how their bodies look. We as a society have a certain depiction of the human body that is been labelled as ideal. This goes way back to when we were kids, how the tv shows and movies had a lean person with a defined jawline, sexy abs and cellulite-free legs portraying as a desirable lead and there was also this ‘fat friend’ who was always made fun of and shown as undesirable.

Although things are changing slowly, thanks to the changing times and communities online and offline, aiming to eradicate certain beauty standards and promote body positivity. But at the end of the day, the change has to start within ourselves. How many of us post pictures where we are slouching on the couch or wearing an old pair of sweatpants, in which we look like normal humans with no filters. In the race of trying to look perfect on social media trying to fit into the internet culture, we are all just losing ourselves and ignoring the fact that nobody is perfect. We try to chase this imaginary form of perfection that is stuck in our heads. A lot of us consider stretch marks, scars and moles as imperfections, but in reality who set the benchmark to define beauty? There is no need to stress how others might view your body, there is no such thing as a perfect body, everyone has their imperfections.

Here are some ways to prioritize your body confidence and remind yourself that your body is a gift and not a curse.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others – People come in all shapes and sizes. Every individual is beautiful in their own way. In fact, someone is likely looking at your body and comparing themselves to you. Learn to be yourself do something you love, there is nothing more powerful than some alone time.
  • Flaunt your best self – Wear the clothes that compliment your body best, don’t wear something that makes you uncomfortable just because it’s the latest fashion trend and you want to fit in. When you concentrate on self-care and choose the products that you are comfortable in, you will automatically feel more confident in your own skin.
  • Surround yourself with positive people – It is important to have supportive people around. Take a moment to reflect on your relationships, it is better to have the ones that uplift you instead of making you self-conscious. Remove the oxic ones, you need a shoulder to lean on, the ones who remind you how beautiful you are, no matter what.
  • Keep a check on your social media feed – We all know that everything we see on the internet is not real. That hot model/ actress with a zero-sized body you see on Instagram and admire for the perfect body has an entire team to click, edit, photoshop and make sure the picture looks perfect. So there is no point stressing out, it’s always better to stop consuming the feeds that trigger you or has a negative impact on you. Instead, follow an account that is focused on building a body-positive image.
  • Discover what you want your body image to be, not what everyone else wants you to be – Once you know that you need to set a plan in motion to achieve it. At that point, you are in complete control. Sure it may be hard if you want to lose weight – but ask yourself if you are willing to do what it takes. If the answer is no, then you need to focus on accepting yourself as you are.

Always remember, you are so much more than your looks! After everything your body goes through for you, you need to cut it some slack. Start treating yourself right, away from the societal norms and expectations. Learning acceptance can be one of the hardest things to do for anyone – but once you master it, everything else will follow.

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