5 Anime To Start With For A Complete Beginner

Exploring the overwhelming world of Japanese Anime

Anime is one such word that gets different reactions from every single person. While some might not even have heard of it, others would just toss their head in denial on hearing the word and then comes the category who dedicate a part of their lives to keeping up with every latest season. I started watching anime, mostly because I was bored with the regular tv shows and movies. I had a mindset that anime was for kids, and any person in their right mind wouldn’t waste their time on it.

My first experiences watching anime came through small clips on television and videos on YouTube. The animations were so highly exaggerated and I couldn’t relate to the social conversations or the jokes that were being shown. Not to mention the pain to follow the sub-titles. But trust me, it eventually grows on you. 

Anime is a great medium of entertainment. It has a wide variety of genres for every preference and taste. In anime, there is relative freedom in touching on themes that are sometimes too sensitive to feature in real-life TV and films. But, with literally hundreds of different shows to choose from, and nearly every genre catered for, from musical comedies and horror to school dramas and cooking shows – it’s difficult to know where to start when you’re a complete anime newbie. To save you time and energy, without further ado, here are the best anime for beginners.

1. Death Note

Genre: Mystery, Psychological Thriller

Episodes : 37

Available on Netflix

Arguably one of the most popular anime of all time due to its compelling story and amazing characters. Every episode is intense, frightening, bizarre and even without actual fight scenes, the mind games make you think. This show just keeps getting better and better! Every episode has a new twist, and is never the same as the last! It will keep you on the edge of your seat. The characters are so well made. Loved everything from the start. If you want to get into anime, this is the best bet you can start with. 

2. Code Geass

Genre : Mecha anime, Military fiction

Episodes : 50

Available on Netflix

This show is an emotional roller coaster. Lelouch is a mastermind, and a unique example of a lead male that does not use brute strength to gain the upper hand, but instead uses strategic planning. In almost every episode Lelouch will have a plan that is hard to guess for the audience. This show holds a variety of secrets, which don’t seem randomly tossed in like other shows, but rather well incorporated. Be prepared to laugh and cry as the show betrays you.

3. Naruto  & Naruto Shippuden

Genre:  Manga, Adventure, Fantasy Fiction

Episodes: Naruto 220, Naruto Shippuden 500

Available on Netflix

Naruto has to be the greatest anime series to date. Naruto is a story about a young boy with a demon inside him since birth and because of this, he had to deal with being alone all his childhood and his entire village looking down on him. It is an out-and-out action anime, filled with stylish martial arts fight sequences, with tones shifting occasionally between intense and lighthearted, depending on the backdrop and buildup. Overall the best anime ever, it is worth watching. This series might be very long at about a combined 720 episodes, but if you follow a filler guide and skip the fillers, then it’ll be around 440 episodes long.

4.  Attack on Titan

Genre: Action fiction, Dark fantasy, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction

Episodes: 86

Available on Netflix

 From the captivating storytelling and mystery element to the unique ideas of the walls, AOT is one of the greatest anime ever created. There is nothing this show doesn’t do right and it is beautiful to see how accurate it is from the manga. If you are a long time anime fan or trying to get into anime because you heard good things about the show trust me look no further for greatness. It will have you crying for the characters, in awe of the amazing action and beauty of storytelling ability. Attack on Titan will have you on the edge of your seat for the whole ride and you will not be disappointed.

5. Haikyu!!

Genre: Comedy, Coming-of-age story, Sports manga

Episodes: 85

Available on Netflix

Haikyu!! is a Japanese manga, about a short height boy Shoyo Hinata determined to become a Volleyball player and starts playing for his school karasugno high school. He was inspired by volleyball player “the little giant” and wants to become a spiker and the anime is all about him being a spiker in his high school team and qualifying for nationals. Haikyuu !! isn’t just about volleyball but also about teamwork, friendship and pushing your limits. Overall It’s a very wholesome anime.

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