Dye another day; Embrace your greys!

The question that concerns both men and women the most is: Should we hide grey hair? Or accept it? The answer to this not only depends on many external factors but also on whether or not you want this colour in your hair.

I woke up one morning, a few years ago. Looking in the mirror I saw this white strand. At first, I thought it was a piece of thread or the sliver of light, that sometimes gets deflected when your hair is wet. I fiddled around nervously, filtered it out and eventually got my fingertips on the invasive being.

The realisation hit me hard. I stopped breathing. I lifted my arms in the air and screamed, ‘NOOOOO! Please lord don’t do this to me. I’m way too young to be dealing with this right now.”

At first, my instinct told me “pull it out! Pluck it now!”, but I hesitated and thought about it. ‘Don’t be too hasty, I said to myself. Is that the best strategy here? I mean, if my hair starts going progressively grey and I start pulling ‘em all out. Hell! I won’t have a hair left at all on my head to call my own. Bald versus Grey, a problem of the ages, no doubt any philosopher or genius has ever solved.

But hey, flaunting grey hair depends on your age and hairline. “In fact, it is easier to flaunt grey hair if you’re over 50 and you have less than 50% grey hair. If younger, it is sometimes difficult to accept such a colour transformation, especially if you work in a demanding field.”

If you have decided to hide your grey hair, then proceed with caution. Here are some ways you can do it.

  • Spot Treatment! Try this easy hair hack for those pesky silver strands that don’t cooperate. Hairspray can do wonders when sprayed onto the fingers and used to smooth out particular greys.
  • Dying Your Hair to Match Your Roots. If you are someone with blonde hair, consider yourself extremely lucky as you don’t have to bleach it first, the way those with brown or black hair often do.
  • Get highlights done. The highlighting and lowlighting techniques blend the greys with semi-permanent colour giving your hair an ombre effect to soften the transition between the roots and your pigmented hair.
  • Chop it short. A sophisticated short haircut pretty much eliminates the growing-out stage. A pixie or a short bob is by far the easiest transition move to greys and also looks chique.

So, To Grey or Not to Grey?

If that’s really what it comes down to — Do what makes you happiest, whether it’s covering up your greys or fully accepting them. Going grey gracefully is as much a state of mind as it is a process. If you’re tired of keeping up with grey roots, it’s time to feel ready to embrace your natural silver shade and get ready to own it. Hope there comes a day that is not far away; when scientists come up with some solution to this. Till then, embrace your greys gracefully.

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